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Art  This section is for a display of a selection of artwork by Geoff Edwards

In the main the artwork published here consists of reduced sized reproductions of photographs as the media of expression. These photos may have been manipulated after intitial capture with a camera or/and scanners.

I have published full size detail images of each work (except the sole painting) to provide information of what to expect when viewing a print at its desired size. My works are for sale but only at an optimum size. I cannot stress enough that my works need to be viewed full size. Detail is lost when a work is viewed at a smaller size.

Prints are supplied signed in the plate, with a letter of authenticity, on acid free paper printed with archival quality inks

All images are copyright as are other images on this website.

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Horizon by Geoff Edwards


Horizon:  print size 1.676 Metres. 2014/2015



Horizon. detail: 600px x 200px


Horizon detail 600x200px @180dpi




Horizon detail 600x200px @180dpi v2

Posted on 06 Mar 2015 by Geoff Edwards

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