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City of Bath Clean Air Zone (CAZ)

The decision to impose a clean air zone on residents and visitors to the city of Bath a World Heritage Site might seem like a good idea. Drivers who enter the zone will be have to pay £9 or more if their vehicles do not meet current regulations.  

Such a scheme will reduce emissions as it will cut the number of vehicles entering the zone drastically. My car a land rover 1999 model was constructed according to the EU requirements in place at that time. But to impose further reductions on older vehicles is unfair.  

The sensible fair way to manage vehicle emissions is to allow vehicles to be naturally replaced when they are scrapped by the new cleaner vehicles that are being made now. And planning to reduce vehicle journeys through and to Bath.  Bath is still hell bent on building new housing. Do the planners think that the new residents will all be driving new cars?

My response if the clean air zone is introduced is not to travel to Bath except when I could use the Park and Ride.  I note that there is very little room at the Odd Down Park and Ride.  As for buying at Screwfix. I'll need to make sure my order is for over £50 to get Home Delivery. Or I have to drive to the Frome branch.  A round trip of 24 miles as opposed to a round trip of 12 miles.

As for the science.  The unwanted emissions from vehicle engines becomes dangerous when they exceed a certain amount.  If vehicles were able to enter Bath or go through Bath to some other destination without being held up by traffic works there would not be a problem.  Bath's roads are in an appalling state of repair. The Kenet and Avon canal tow path is actually in a better condition than Bath's roads!

Do the planners realize that through traffic will be displaced?  Displaced to 100 per cent residential areas. 
Just to remind people this zone CAZ  is the stupid result of failing to meet an unachievable Directive of the EU.  And the UK government cannot alter that yet.
There are over one and half million small businesses in the UK.   Link Federation of Small Businesses:

UPDATE private cars no charge:

 Geoff Edwards

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