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Is Water in Plastic Cycle Bottles Safe to Drink?

Some time ago I bought a cycle water bottle and found that the water tasted plasticky. I thought that maybe the water in the bottle had become tainted by contact with the bottle because it had been in there a long time. So I tested it by tasting the water about 15 minutes after filling it. I also tasted my drinking water, which was OK. I could have taken the bottle back but called Trading Standards and reported my concerns. After a visit and an interview, where I was told that the report would not be disclosed to me! but I would be notified if they had a concern or not. They reported to me about a month later that there were no unacceptable amounts of contaminents in the bottle. So I bought another and lived with it.

I found on an Internet website forum that if you add real lemon juice to the plastic bottle the taste will go away. I presume that the bottles are made from food grade polythene and my worry was that maybe this was a "grey" product that had not been checked for safety; hence my call to Trading Standards. I know that some people drink juice and I suppose any plastic taste may be unnoticeable and possible the acid in the juice neutralises the plasticky taste. For a full read of the forum topic see:

PS polycarbonate bottles (normal water bottles) are fine but are not strong enough to use when cycling.

Posted on 09 Oct 2008 by Geoff Edwards

by geoff edwards @ 13 Oct 2008 07:23 pm
I think I should make sure that I am not convinced that these bottles are safe. Trading Standards are not required to provide a report. So, why should we have a faith in Trading Standards? Because we live in Merry England or Wales 0r Scotland and Northern Ireland (Eire doesn't apply as our law is not applicable) but I am sure they are just as concerned! No for those under UK law I am not happy with this situation. I would like a report with data so that I could make my own enquiries. <br /> <br />My younger brother was given the wrong prescription by his doctor and that could have resulted in an earlier death. Because I could search the Internet I was able to rectify matters. I did not report his doctors mistake (maybe I should have and still can) I subsequently had trouble with a young female doctor as he was not being treated properly (not conforming to the advice of the Oncology department of the RUH). Fortunately she acted upon my complaint, but would not otherwise? and he was referred to the RUH where a male nurse took charge. He knew that there was a problem, and quite frankly it was obvious that he was disgusted with my brothers condition. I can't remember what he said but I felt a sense of relief that my brother was in good hands. No, these services should provide a report when a complaint is made with a report that contains data, whether the recipient can understand that data or not.#<br /><br />Alternatively, we should suspect these state agencies of concealing the truth.
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