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Before you select to Register to use the forum you need to read the advice below.

To use the forum as an active participant you will need to register as a user. The publication of news articles is accomplished by means of the CuteNews content management system. When you select to Register and later to Login a new page will open that consists of  CuteNews' various forms. It is also a condition of using the forum that you have read the TOS (terms of service)

Login or Register

If you have not yet registered to use the forum you will need to click "(need to register?)" See the panel on the left.


If you have lost your password clicking (lost password) should send you an email with a new password.   If there is a problem email me (see the Contact page for details or the Clippy Help graphic below)

WARNING make sure Caps Lock is off! if your password is rejected -it's happened to me! (Ed)


User Registration

You may enter your own name in the Username box or any other available name. A nickname is necessary, it may be the same as your username. The nickname will be the name that is used when you add news or comments.

Tip: write down your chosen password before you enter it in the box

Your email address is required for legal reasons and to contact you with password details if necessary. Your email will not be visible to users.

Once you have registered you may go back to the Forum page and choose to add a comment to a forum article. Your registration will need to be approved before you can post a forum article.

Once you have registered and your registration has been approved you may login and contribute a new item for the forum. Go to the next page to read about Adding News