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Problem with multiple categories

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There appears to be a problem seeing comments with articles published under multiple categories. I have not noticed this before. for the time being do not post articles under multiple categories. Existing articles that are affected which have comments have been altered to single categories.


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The forum is experiencing some problems at present. At times today it may be unavailable. This issue has been resolved

Previous and Next buttons

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There is currently an issue with the Next and Previous button affecting the whole Home page column boxes. This is being investigated.

Forum English

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This forum depends upon software written by a very clever East European. You will probably notice some lapses in English grammar.  I may be able to alter some of these given time, in the mean time (oops) please acknowledge the fact that computer programmers work hard to provide functionality that we often take for granted. Whereas on the other hand, other errors where I am responsible for web content and design will be err, entriely dew to typos! Oh dear!

Introduction to the Forum

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My name is Geoff Edwards or Geoffrey Edwards to retain formality or Geoffrey Alan Edwards to be precise. I live on Staples Hill, and have been living in Freshford since June 1999. I had intended to be present at the recent meeting on the problem of traffic and its effect on the village, but was unable to get to Freshford Village Memorial Hall in time. This was because I had decided to go to Bradford On Avon to buy some fish and chips by bicycle, a round trip of over six miles, certainly one way of counteracting the effect of the calory laden meal! Unfortunately, although I had replaced the batteries in my front lamp, the same day, it failed when I was just passing by Upper Westwood. Subsequently, I managed to travel to the fish and chip shop and back but at a much reduced speed and was unable to get to the hall in time for the presentation.

Shared space? -Yes for the able minded/bodied

However, I did carry out some Internet research on the concept of Shared Spaces, the topic that was presented in my absense by Hamilton-Baillie Associates, experts (?) in innovative solutions and the "shared space" concept. Someone had written in a newsheet deliverd by hand (but not to my address) and I quote "Their ideas are interesting and extremely relevant" I will make my reservations known in another article. But faced with the problems that face Freshford and other villages I decided that a forum would provide an opportunity for residents to discuss issues that are affecting us.

The forum will provide an opportunity for residents to express their ideas on different topics for discussion in Freshford and to comment on ideas that are presented to improve our lives locally. Contributers will have the opportunity to submit their ideas and classify them according to one or more categories eg., Pedestrian Safety, School, Parking, etc.

Articles are displayed in chronological order, the most recent being the first post you'll see.

All users will need to register to comment on postings and to submit ideas. The registration process involves deciding on a User Name and  Nickname and an email address.  At present users may auto register as commentators. I will then alter the users rights to enable them to submit news and ideas.

As usual forum users will need to agree to a TOS (Terms of Service Agreement) which may be read here. It is assumed that the user has read this agreement by registering on the forum. (Terms of Service)

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