Photographic Survey of Freshford Somerset


As a resident of Freshford, a unique village mainly located in Bath and North East Somerset but with parts in Wiltshire. I can use my photographic skills and web hosting company to present a survey of what I believe to be worth preserving in what is an untypical village. So many villages in England have been damaged by senseless development, Freshford does have its share of new housing that could have been built in the vernacular tradition. These new buildings are described in the modern parlance of the planners as being "neutral" I might add my interpretation of these buildings as being nondescript. Where B&NES planning has full influence in the conservation area, which has recently been extended, they have continued with supporting the vernacular tradition and most of the new additions to existing buildings are exemplary.

Organisation of the Photographs

The photographs are being  arranged according to the search terms listed below (I think (eventually!)), this will mean that some links will take the user to the same page. (the links are going to be re-arranged)

My photographic equipment

Most of the photos have been taken with a Canon SX10is 10 MB digital camera. This camera has image stabilisation and a zoom lens equivalent to a 35mm film camera of 28mm -500mm. It has fully automatic settings as well as full manual. I have taken photos of Bradford on Avon by night and also of the interior of the Tithe Barn. These exposures required a tripod and exceeded 30 seconds! I know that Bradford on Avon is not Freshford but they are part of the locality. Those photos may be seen on Kennet Cottage website also click on the link to "pubs and specialist restaurant ... in the evening" to view the night photos. (note a few of those photos - Stonhenge and Salisbury Cathedral are stock photo purchases - it saves time and fuel!)

Another website I host has more photos of Freshford, all but one of the photos was taken with the SX10is camera Freshford Property website The camera also has video recording capability with full stereo sound.

The most recent update to the SX10is camera is the SX20is with 12 MB image capture and HD video! And as you may see from the Amazon advert above the price is incredible. If I had the money, or rather a justifiable reason I would also buy the Canon 5D Mark II camera above and use my existing Canon lenses from my SLR cameras. The 5D is 21 MB and is has a full frame digital sensor meaning that those photographers who own Canon 35mm film lenses can use those lens without any alteration to the focal length of their photos. To go with that gear, I use and recommend the Manfrotto tripod and three-way head as advertised above. The tripod has a vertical support that rotates around into the horizontal position which is very useful for taking photos of artwork and small objects which can be placed on a horizontal surface.

Geoff Edwards

2007 for Society, Culture and the Arts