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Healthy Diet Tool Introduction

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Healthy Diet  Excel Weekly Tool Introduction

Author Geoff Edwards. Its all my own work taking over ten years. This Microsoft Excel based tool is based on verifiable data from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) . I was not employed to develop the tool. It just developed and I thought that if it was useful to me it could be useful to others.

Accompanying this introduction is a download to a PDF file that reports on the project: Healthy Diet  the rest of the website category "Healthy Diet" is provided as a report mainly on the development of the project and other topics. Reference:  The most definitive document on the topic of human nutrition is published by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations in conjunction with the WHO (World Health Organisation  Human Vitamin and Mineral Requirements

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. FoodData Central, 2019.

I have set up a Facebook page which provides opportunities for users to ask questions: Healthy Diet Calculator

Healthy diet updates are listed below.

Posted on 10 Jun 2018 by Geoff Edwards
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Healthy Diet update 2019v26

Healthy Diet Excel based Weekly Diet Calculator Geoff Edwards

I have updated the Excel spreadsheet.  As far as I remember very little has been changed.  I have added some more comments and revised some others.  The current version is  Weekly Healthy Diet 2019v26

  • The tool provides the data for the user it is up to the user to modify their diet so that it is well balanced.  Indivdiuals may need to modify their diet according to a health practioner's instructions, ie. allergies. The calculator can be used to control weight gain and loss and also enble the diet to be balanced:
  • individual monitorig levels of, for example, iron in the diet
  • automatci calculation of BMI (Body Mass Index) to a tenth of a unit eg. 24.7 or 24.1 this shows whether you are almost 25 BMI or almost 24 BMI
  • recording of Five a Day in partial portions. If the food eaten is contributing to your 5 a Day then it all counts
  • water consumption from food and drinks enables controls hydration levels
  • alcohol consumption
  • adaption to individual requirements: sex, age, weight, height, level of activity
  • meaningful colour coded foodstuffs - eg. meat pink, fish, blue, bakery beige, vegetables green, fruit dark green, confectionary gray
  • sensible units nearly all food is based on 100g units (almost 1/4 a pound weight)
  • accuracy of data which is based on USDA (United States Department of Agriculture Standard Food LIsts
  • Is similar to a shopping list - not what you want to buy but what you have eaten
  • developed using MIcrosoft Excel compatible to open source spreadsheet software (except for Conditional Formatting)


Posted on 25 Jun 2019 by geoff edwards

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