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UK and USA Tax Receipt where does the money go?

US citizens have access to a Tax Receipt why not UK citizens?

The White House website has a calculator for providing US citizens with a Tax Receipt. The Tax Receipt is a calculator that can be used to provide a receipt for Federal taxes that were spent in 2010 by a US citizen. I am not a US citizen, but even so it is possible to select one's income in USD and the calculator will work out what you would have spent on Federal taxes in 2010 if you were a US citizen. I like this openness, why can't we have a tax calculator in the UK, all we seem to have is calculators to work out how much tax we have to pay! And I haven't a clue as to whether the income tax I paid in the past is correct.  Try the calculator below, UK and other citizens will need to "Choose an Income Level" I was quite surprised with the results.


Posted on 16 Jul 2011 by Geoff Edwards

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