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Rip off update GBP USD EUR

Buy a Panasonic FZ1000 camera rip off prices in the UK and Eurozone

Want to buy the superb FZ1000? I would, but I am put off buying the camera because of the rip off price. Eurozone customers buiyng in the Eurozone. A Panasonic FZ1000 camera costs these amounts:

  • USD 890
  • GBP 740
  • EUR 850
  • EUR 845

The current exchange rate is 1GBP =USD 1.59, EUR 1.27. (

Buying the camera on the USA Amazon website would cost the equivalent of GBP 560. buying the camera from either the German or French Amazon website (EUR) would cost  the equivalent of GBP 668.

British customers would be paying GBP 180 more than Americans and Eurozone customers would be paying EUR 137 more than Americans or GBP 73 less than British buyers. Japanese customers would be buying the camera for the equivalent of USD 720.

The British shopper is paying almost three hundred dollars more than the American shopper. The Eurozone buyer pays almost two hundred dollars more.

NOTE Amazon does not control these prices I have just used the Amazon websites as a convenient way of comparing prices for the same product.

I wonder why we seem to be ripped off? Does it cost so much more for Panasonic to have a UK site

Posted on 05 Nov 2014 by Geoff Edwards

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