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Westwood Post Office and Shop

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<P>I just thought that I should remind people that the Westwood shop is under new management. A planning application has been submitted, which the Parish Council and residents support, to extend the shop. The extension will mean that the shop will be able to offer more goods and this will also help to keep prices low. The shop belongs to a Cost Cutter network and the benefits are that goods may be priced at supermarket levels.</P>
<P>The shop is open from 7am till 9pm, Monday till Saturday, and 8am till 8pm Sunday. Freshford residents could easily find these times convenient, particularly at weekends when our local shop closes at midday. There are also many residents who can't use the Freshford shop in the week as they get home too late. Also remember that Sainsbury's supermarket closes at 8pm during the week and 4pm on Sundays.</P>

Winsley Post Office Closure

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What a nasty surprise. I read in the "Your Letters" page of the Wiltshire Times & Chippenham News that without warning Winsley post office has closed. Apparently without warning not only to the villagers but also the staff behind the counter. Residents will now need to go to Bradford-On-Avon.

Apparently the letter is misleading. The previous week in the same paper there was a story about the actual situation that I had managed to miss. The company that owns the shop and post office and many other similar properties has had to go into adminstration. Unfortunately, the Winsley shop and post office has got caught up in the problems that the company has. Many residents of Limpley Stoke travel to Bradford-on-Avon via Winsley rather than Staples Hill and use the shop and post office.

I hope when we are supposed to be avoiding  wasting fuel as much as possible we should all try to support Winsley and try to shop and use local services as much as possible. I don't often use the shop at Winsley as I live closer to the Westwood shop but I know that it is very popular.

God Bless the Postman! God help Amtrak!

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Dear Computer Shop

Thanks for responding to my enquiry. I have followed the instructions in your email to access Amtrak's website tracking system.

I regret to say that Amtrak are unable to find this address. The local depot say that the house should be beside the roadside, but nearly every house in Freshford is not beside a road and furthermore, the majority of houses have house names. They suggest that we put up sign posts to help their drivers find the addresses! (I suppose these would need to be visible to the driver, say 3 inch high lettering all on a properly varnished sign and oak post to satisfy planning)

If the driver, cannot find my cottage on Staples Hill which is close to the GPO red phone box then he will find that there is a map showing each house on Staples Hill. Stapled to the telegraph pole beside the phone box.

If the driver has the wit to telephone me then he should realise that, if he can't get an answer, that I am not out. I may be in the bath room or in the garden, and should not give up, but should phone again, or at least leave a message with a contact number.

I would have thought that if the drivers don't have GPS navigation at least their office should be able to support them. They should have a post code tracking system e.g. Microsoft Autoroute. If they have a computer they could simply enter my post code in a Google map search.

The above is part of an email to an Internet based shop, which needed to be sent, as even though I have not been out for two days my new TV has not been delivered. Apparently the driver could not find my address. The Post Office never has this trouble even though they may use a driver who I don't know.

As we save fuel by using the Internet to buy goods the carrier that a company uses can try to ensure that customers continue to shop with them or they'll go elsewhere. When we had a post office, other than the temporary one we have at present , these drivers could at least stop and ask 'the professionals'

Just another reason to continue to seek to open a new post office-shop

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