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It has been suggested to me that the web site forum should provide an opportunity for local people to contribute to a discussion that can be used to improve the service that local schools provide. I have added both St Laurence and Ralph Allen schools as categories on the forum as being the nearest schools and these two schoools are only available to parents who reside in either Wiltshire or B&NES. If you reside in Wiltshire your child can only go to St Laurence, and if you reside in B&NES your child may only go to Ralph Allen school. There is no choice, whatever the government has said.  

All three major political parties support more determination by parents in the way that their local schools are managed.  My view is that (as a retired teacher with a research degree in educational development) unless central government can overule decisions that are made locally, we could have to endure decisions that are not based on the best advice available. Politicians, ministers, are appointed, but have little knowledge usually of their area of responsiblity. They depend on their advisors.   Of course, if a school fails (deteriorates), then responsibility can be placed at a local government level rather than a national level. Whether the government has placed adequate controls or not is a matter for further debate - they might have - but if they have it is not evident. There is OFSTED but any improvements called for are likely to take years to implement. St laurence for example was criticised for failing to manage Assessment and Recording of pupil's progress in both the most recent report and the previous report! How long has a school got to take approriate action? If your children go to the school that has not got a good OFSTED report then you have no alternative, if you want what is best for your children,  but to sell your house and move elsewhere.

St Laurence has not a "Good" report but a "Satisfactory" report. Do parents  really believe that "Satisfactory" is acceptible? The option to discuss how these schools and other local schools are managed is open. Your complaint to a school may now be read by anyone who accesses the Internet.

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