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Are there underused recycling centres in Wiltshire?

Wiltshire Council have decided to close 'underused' recycling sites across the county including the one at Sainsbury's Car park in Bradford on Avon and the one at the Station car park.
This means there are no recycling facilities other than weekly collections in the Bradford on Avon vicinity.
The photographs below taken at these 'underused' sites are both overflowing with newspapers and bottles as there is no room in the skips.

Wilthsire should not close these local recycling centres as they are clearly NOT underused.


Green & pleasant land: rubbish

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Since our rubbish has not been collected at Staples Hill. And has not been collected today (Tuesday 21st April 2009) I phoned WWDC and was told that: yes the bags  would be collected weekly and a letter had been sent out informing us of the new arrangements. The letter should arrive today or tomorrow.

However our neighbours, who have cottages on the hill and who have black bags have had theri bags colllected today! Ours have been left.  Surely these bags could not have been missed? Back to the phone!

Repair or Replace that Domestic Appliance

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I have recently tried to find out whether I could repair my daughter's well used six year old Bosch Maxx washing machine. Owing to the costs of calling out a Bosch engineer currently £68 plus VAT an hour a decision had to be made as to whether it would be better to buy a new machine. It is not only the cost of the call out but the fact that one or more components may need to be replaced, in which case a decision to buy another machine would be more advisable. The problem with the machine was that it worked but wouldn't drain (and complete a washing cycle)

I found that the hoses were completely blocked with sludge, and I spent a couple of hours clearing them. Unfortunately, although the machine did a few washes it stopped again with the same fault, it wouldn't drain. I thought that possibly there was still something that was blocking the drainage system somewhere and proceeded to inspect the hoses again but found very little to flush out.

I went on to the Internet and did a Google search. I posted the problem on a few DIY and Appliance help forums but didn't get any help. However I did find this website: This is an excellent website that provides advice on buying washing machines with reviews and information about discounts that different shops are providing, a consumer advice section and the all important element of free advice to repair your washing machine! The website is part of that has help and advice for tumble dryers and dishwashers as well.

There is an excellent section on dealing with a machine that is not draining and following that advice I realised that the pump needed replacing. Once I had replaced the pump, the washing machine was back to its normal working condition. Link to pump problem

I feel particularly reluctant to scrap a machine that probably has little wrong with it, so I was pleased to be able to keep my daughter's washing machine from being scraped.

Please note that the has links to suppliers of new appliances and spares that provide some income to ofset the running costs of maintaining the free service.

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