RSS Feeds Explained

An RSS or XML feed provides Internet users with a way to gain information about selected websites without directly visiting the website. The Internet user needs to have obtained an RSS reader. I use Sharpreader but there are others. Sharpreader can be obtained from:  To subscribe to a feed what one does is click on an RSS or XML icon and drag it to the browser address window of your RSS reader. which you will need to have running, but can be minimised to the quick launch bar in Windows systems. One then selects Subscribe to capture the websites' RSS feed. Subsequently, any updates to subscribed feeds provides an opportunity to decide whether to access the subscribed website or not.

Using a feed reader provides a quick way of keeping up to date with a website's updates easily. For further information the BBC website link provides detailed information:

The screen shot above shows SharpReader open with the subscribed feed to the FreshfordSomerset web site selected. The list of subscribed feeds is used to see whether a website has a new page or new information. Alternatively, one would have to either visits these web sites regularly or subscribe to email. You can see by my subscribed feeds that I am a computer geek with photographic interests  :)

The feeds may be ordered any way that you like.


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