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Shared Space in Bradford on Avon?



ON reflection, Bradford-on-Avon in Wiltshire has very little control of traffic in relation to pedestrians. Yet it might not seem so because there are two pedestrian crossings � and at least 11 roundabouts! The roundabouts are of no real consequence to pedestrians but are useful.

The crossings for pedestrians are close to the library and the Shambles, the most central location. It is obvious to anyone who visits Bradford that pedestrians should take great care, especially close to the canal bridge area and near the bottom of Market�Street, where there are no pavements.

Effectively, there are two roundabouts: one by Station Road and one by Market Street.�I can't see any way to improve the traffic control. But what I do see are lots of pedestrians waiting to cross the roads. But who cares? They're just pedestrians, aren't they? They don't pay for the roads, so let them wait.


This is a classic example of the Shared Space philosophy � and it doesn't really work. The fact that most � or rather a lot � of�motorists drive very carefully does not detract from the fact that many of them just drive on and don't give way to�pedestrians, cyclists�or anyone else.


At least where the only�pedestrian controlled light does force motorists to stop, pedestrians may cross the road without waiting for either a break in the traffic or for�a motorist to give way. The light also allows a break for�motorists to enter or exit the car park. Otherwise, bag of blood, as that is what you are, aren't you?




Posted on 19 Sep 2008 by Geoff Edwards

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