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Most rural roads have wrong speed limit

Rural roads not safe at posted speed limit

The extract below from the European Road Assessment Programme - EuroRAP's website summarises the current standard of road safety in a report on England's roads which can be downloaded from the website. I note this: two-thirds of English trunk road single carriageways rate 2-stars.

John Dawson, Chairman of EuroRAP says: "If a driver is belted, sober and obeying the speed limit, then the risk of death and injury in a 4-star car on a 4-star road is small. But most rural roads in Europe are not safe at the posted speed limit. Most deaths happen on busy 1- or 2-star main single carriageway roads that need urgent investment in affordable safety line markings, safety fencing and junction layouts."

Dawson continues: "Road crashes cost the British economy 1.5 per cent of GDP, some GBP18 billion, annually. A fortune is being spent on emergency services, hospitalisation and long term care of victims when we could make road travel as safe as rail or air. UK roads can be the safest in the world over the next decade if the same high return investment in safe road design is made as other leading nations."

European Road Assessment Programme


Posted on 30 Jun 2010 by Geoff Edwards

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