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St Laurence School Bradford On Avon

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St Laurence School Failing its Pupils Mr Colquhoun?

 I have heard from a reliable source that pupils of St Laurence School Bradford on Avon have not been set homework (on a regular basis) for over two months. Whilst pupils may think this is great (at least while they do not realise what they are being denied) parents should be alarmed.

St Laurence school was one of the best schools in Wiltshire. This was when it was a grammar school, but then when a school can select its pupils it is much easier to get good results. Yet as a comprehensive school the school does have a primary intake that is generally above average in attainment. It is a pity that children are being deprived of the opportunity to do their very best, whatever the social class of their parents.

From BBC School League Tables  2007 Deteriorating A levels 7th from bottom in Wiltshire. Relatively good GCSE levels 2nd state school in Wiltshire. But set these results against a background of very low levels of pupils with special educational needs then the results should be better. The children could do a lot better, and are capable of doing so, but are being held back by undemanding  teachers.

The most recent OFSTED report assessed the school as being satisfactory, when bearing in mind the attainment of its primary intake it should be doing much better. It would seem that OFSTED is also failing parents. Maybe OFSTED were prepared to assess the school as being "not satisfactory" but decided to give the school another chance.

Well, if the teachers of St Laurence School Bradford On Avon are not prepared to make the effort to set homework on a regular basis, and in this case two months! they should all be sacked for incompetence or  neglect of duty. Or is it  the head-teacher who is impotent to ensure that his staff carry out their duties. Or perhaps it is not part of the statutory duties of a teacher to set homework regularly?

Mr James Colquhoun the present head-teacher should take the necessary steps before OFSTED are called in (prematurely) to reassess this school.

Posted on 02 Jul 2008 by concerned

by buzz @ 24 Mar 2010 08:32 pm
St Laurence now has an OFSTED of good with outstanding features, just to update misinformed readers. The school is generally good, and affords its pupils many opportunities both to do well academically and receive important out of classroom education. It constantly seeks ways of improving consulting the governors, parents, students and staff. <br /> <br />The real problem with St Laurence is probably a feature of many non-selective state schools. The pupils that do the best are the ones that are motivated by constant self-improvement. Those that have other motivations, such as competition suffer more. The main problem is that St Laurence School does not focus on the individual and what is needed for their education. There is an emphasis on pupils achieving 5 A* to C grades at GCSE, but insufficient help in spending time with pupils examining what they could personally achieve. The school has similar failings when helping students what to study at GCSE, A level and assistance going to university, or planning the next step. Essentially, education is not managed on an individual basis. <br /> <br />Luckily, what St Laurence is &quot;outstanding&quot; at is improving. Student, staff and parent feedback is taken into account every year and necessary improvements made. However, the school occasionally treats educating like a business, and examines how to improve for the next few years, so after realising their mistakes they often let years slip by without &quot;catching them up&quot;.
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