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Night Skies

Quite a while ago I bought an astrononomical telescope from Lidl. I have not set it up it's still in it box. My cottage is a bit dusty but that's not why I have set it up. The reason I have not set it up is that the night sky is too bright. My immediate neighbour has a security light on all night.  Staples Hill House has lights on all night as well and that gated premises is occupied by strangers. The Freshford Mill development is going to have Dark Skies designed lighting but ther will still be light from dwelling. I don't mind waiting till midnight to allow for lighting to go off, but not unless my emmediate neigbours respond. One neigbour has no timeswitch, and the other is a stranger to me. The only way that the light pollution can be controlled is by legislation. There is also village lighting left on all night and for all intents and purposes we are part of Bath as that cities light floods the skies. So my telescope will remain its its box unless I motor off to the wilder spots and take a tent! There won't be any legislation, this country is in such a mess that there is no time to debate the finer points of the environmental affects of light pollution.

Freshford village lighting like all other village lighting would require timeswitching and apparently, I may be wrong, would cost £90 a light a year! when I lived in St Ives in Cornwall the lights went out before midnight. The night sky was a treasure to behold! Freshford has an approximate Dark Skies rating of less than 2 out of a possible 24.

There is a Dark Skies simulator at Need-Less a screen shot taken in March gives a good impression of what the simulator can produce. The location is Freshford Somerset. To access the simulator you will need to follow the link above.

need-less night sky simulator screenshot

Posted on 20 Mar 2010 by Geoff Edwards

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