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Plastic Bags

Plastic bags is the charge reasonable?

I have always used my own bags for shopping as far as I can remember. Why? Because my bags are larger, and safer than supermarket free bags. I still need bags sometimes because I forget to bring them from my car, usually I just buy another bag (a big bag) from the supermarket for about 40p .

On reflection, the checkout worker asks if I need help packing, they are told to ask the customer.I don't think that such help would be useful to me as I have my own bags (the big supermarket ones) and the bottleneck is time spent adding shopping to the belt, rather than packing it. On reflection, I think that the quickest way to get through the checkout is to place shopping back in the trolley and pack the shopping into bags when you get to the car, which  is where the shopping is going anyway. The problem might be alert security staff, who might think you have not paid for items in  the shopping trolley..

I do reuse any carrier bags that I get free, or those that I might have to pay 5p for for my  home rubbish, which consists mainly of plastic bags as I compost everything to the delight of foxes, rats and badgers.

5p a bag? Fine by me. I have never asked for a new Recycle for Life bag as I am likely to use the bag for all manner of uses in addition to shopping. The charge is also going to be used for charitable purposes anyway so why object to such a paltry charge?

What really upsets me is those that object which is due to their laziness, memory lapse, or stupidity in forgetting their bags are now objecting to paying 5p for a bag that was previously free. A bag that has been engineered to carry safely a litre or more of whiskey in safety (not that I would risk it). They can still use the 5p bag for their next shopping anyway.

What is particularly annoying is that these people who are too stupid (or forgetful?) to remember to bring their own bags are making other shoppers wait longer than they need to; and then they complain about the cost. The cost to whom? Them? No, they do not realise that apart from the cost to the retailer to provide the bags (which must add to the cost of shopping anyway, if not directly, is the actual cost to the environment.

Food packaging costs and bags for shopping cost the supermarkets and ultimately the shopper. Why should those that take their own bags subsidise those that can't be bothered to provide their own bags?

I tend to shop on-line, its cheaper and quicker.

Take my advice, shop on-line, its cheaper and quicker.

Posted on 05 Oct 2015 by Geoff Edwards

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